• The Second Window

    Dye didn't wait long before studying the second window. I felt satisfaction knowing he felt the same menacing presence peering through our window. I pulled up the chair far enough behind him...
  • Good Man

    Wizard flew open the door. "We leave tomorrow!" he said rather loudly. "What happened?" I asked
    "Nothing, nothing at all. The person I was hoping to meet here has already left. I don't see any point being here any longer unless you four have something going on that I am unaware of."
  • She's Electric

    The morning choked me. Awakened by Maker coughing and Dye apologizing. An attack? It was perfect timing, we had broken ranks, and our leader was unaccounted for brilliant strategy.
  • The Walls

    We reached the first of the city's walls after a long day's walk. The opening was small, not very impressive. It looked more like a fence to a neighbors backyard than an entrance to a city. The two guards securing the gate looked...
  • The Goddess of Phoegos

    I think we are online with the lights we had seen from the night before. The day did not provide the backdrop needed to follow the lights, but I remember the direction. I've thought about creating a map. However, I don't...
  • The Phoegos Lines

    We could see the lights of a city over a small group of hills. The lights seemed to break through the walls of darkness that until now have been standing tall and just. Wizard noticed me looking at them. He broke away from the line we seem to form while traveling..
  • The Primer

    We would often spend our nights gazing at the sea of stars. The waves of movement are usually calm and rhythmic. However, at times it can be violent. We usually keep our heads down on those nights
  • The Crystal Schematic

    We left the inn that morning, leaving Maker’s sculpture resting confidently on the long-legged table. Dye was walking with Wizard going over something resembling a schematic. The idea of harnessing power from crystals sounded fascinating. I imagined a sky filled with machines swarming like gnats around its host. The sound of all of those engines must be deafening.
  • Table Top Castle

    We had wandered into a small inn. The rain forced us to retreat into a more substantial structure than our canvas tents. The fire inside dwarfed our usual campfire. The warmth bellowing from its mouth made our usual source of heat feel more like a matchstick.
  • Port Anna Bol

    We followed the mountains outside Appalla for several days. The others seemed to buzz in and out of existence after the morning meditation we experienced. Giggles and a longer, quicker gate were just a few of its other effects. Hummer would put on his weird helmet and listen intently to his project.