• Thirty Three Poems

    The smoke was thick tonight. We were mimicking poets, attempting theater, and challenging the gods. Passion covered us all like a layer of dust. Hope was caught in buckets as it dripped from the ceiling. The night was familiar, and we get silly when no one is looking..
  • We Are Afraid To Go Here

    I encouraged Dye to continue with his mapping. I've worked hard at letting go of all my previous attachments, but I don't handle being lost too well, and seeing a map would at least let me pretend to feel a little more confident.
  • Again, I'm Lost

    Dye whispered, "Finally, look sharp boys." I looked around and could see a large mass of shadow waddling towards us. Dye slid his hand inside his cloak. I watched Dye, his reaction would dictate what I would do. "Finally?" I asked him. He replied, "He has been following us for three days now." I tried to remain calm, I don't like surprises
  • Higher Self

    "Where does it all come from?", I asked Dye. He paused longer than usual. He looked small, almost subservient. His eyes softened, giving me his best Brando. He leaned over and answered, "The High Masters." His voice sounded archaic. I didn't want to lose the moment.
  • Sunchaser

    The days are getting longer. That or the moons are getting lazy with their rise. I often think about their long beautiful legs kicking off the sheets. Tossing and turning, hiding from the clock. The ladies do make an entrance though; they can be as late as they want, they are worth the wait...
  • The Deep Waters

    The theater curtains closed and we settled in for what I thought was sleep. Disappointment was getting easier to swallow and was becoming the favorite bedtime story. My mind was racing, and the exhaustion felt more like fried frizzled speed.
  • Remarkable Theater

    We all took turns poking the fire hoping it would do something. Hummer talked about the beautiful sounds that come from the sharp mountains ahead of us. He pulled out his sword and spoke of triumph and illusions...
  • The Mighty Fin and Her Black Eye

    The hellish day was interrupted by something angelic. Something so pleasant sneaks past our collective alert, clever. I stood with conviction but let the sound wash over me for a few seconds longer. This intruder was spellcasting or something else with magical intentions...
  • Flirtatious

    We needed a break, a long sleep. Space to let our dreams wonder and collect the pieces that the day lost. The wizard is off chasing his muse, something about a red dragon. It's pointless to try to understand his direction or purpose....
  • Two Sigils

    Madam Nestings woke me the morning we departed the great city of Bellyonna. She moved with careful precision pulling my covers back. I would have been alarmed if it was anyone else but with her...