Abstract Paintings by Jeffrey Bowman

I’m an abstract painter. I love my chosen craft with every fiber of my soul. The quick movements of my brush are calculated and rehearsed. Sketches overlaying sketches become projections, which are then carefully painted on to the canvas. I sometimes need to paint three paintings over an area, only realize it needed four. It’s about building layers, creating universes, devising a new language of emotion.

The universal truths are just that–no matter what reality you pull from–art will always have its beautiful truths, and bending those is the ballet of the abstraction. To me, it’s a science. Sometimes I see myself as more of an architect that needs structure, purpose, and balance to be engineered in a way that its purpose for existing meets that of its requirements. Abstract art for me, is the chess board. It’s a universe that allows you to see it as a light-hearted game or a socially accepted way to live your life.

// Recent Exhibitions //

The Dirty Show, Russell Exhibition Center
February 2017, February 2016

The DAMNED Show, Tangent Gallery
October 2016, October 2015

East Side Art Show, St. Clair Shores Adult & Community Education Building
June 2016

Michigan Fine Arts Competition, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center
June–August 2016, June-August 2015

Detroit Artists Market Garden Party
June 2016, June 2015

Biennial All Media Exhibition, Detroit Artists Market
May 2016

Hatchback 10, Hatch Gallery
April 2016

Spellbound, Tangent Gallery
January 2016

Actual Size, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
December 2015

Things Feel Heavy, Tangent Gallery
July 2015

Day of the Dead Offering to El Santo, Whitdel Gallery
November 2015