We Are Afraid To Go Here

I encouraged Dye to continue with his mapping. I've worked hard at letting go of all my previous attachments, but I don't handle being lost too well, and seeing a map would at least let me pretend to feel a little more confident. Dye begrudgingly obliged my request and began another piece. He worked around the edge of the canvas adding water. He even added a crude sailboat.  Although he wouldn't  call it crude, he would say "it's enough to acknowledge but not draw attention to its intention." Dye has been making more attempts at giving viewers attachment points regarding his work. He wants people to resonate more with his abstractions and not his "reality worship" pieces. He doesn't see any point in capturing the obvious. The group is continually trying to make their work something like portals. Everyone's work at its core is their spirituality. There is a lesson for me in that, somewhere. 

The blue water contrasted with the giant masses of yellow. Dye finished by adding sharp mountain peaks in red, again contrasting. I asked him about the area. He replied, "We are afraid to go here, that hints toward the yellow. The red peaks represent the possible location of the red dragon. It's a piece that suggests we map our fears. Knowing your fears makes them less likely to sneak up on you. Also knowing your fear gives you a direction. You should head straight for them." I looked the giant masses of yellow and felt small, lost, and nothing resembling confident. Dye looked at me and smiled, "confidence makes you lazy and predictable, an easy target." I took the map from him. I decided then that from now on, I would be okay with being lost. - Thanks 

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