Again, I'm Lost

Dye whispered, "Finally, look sharp boys." I looked around and could see a large mass of shadow waddling towards us. Dye slid his hand inside his cloak. I watched Dye, his reaction would dictate what I would do. "Finally?" I asked him. He replied, "He has been following us for three days now." I tried to remain calm, I don't like surprises. The shadow grumbled, "Hello wizards, I come in peace." His voice lacked any resemblance of treble. Dye moved towards him, "What can we do for you, sir?" The shadow finally made its way to our fire and the light was quick to show his kind face. The dwarf masked his height with an obscene backpack that gave him the appearance of a small giant. Maker put his hands over his mouth to hide his smile, he thinks all dwarfs are adorable. This could get awkward. 

He asked about our encounter with the flying machine. Tonk was a scrapper and was looking for precious metals. Dye took out a canvas and began painting him a map of its location. Tonk had been following us for three days like Dye had mentioned. He was hesitant to approach but finally decided we were harmless based on our "ridiculous direction".  He could also hear our conversations and silly debates based on our lack of whispering. Tonk explained, "Following wizards might be my favorite past time. You all seem to have no real cares and in these times, that's refreshing. Dye looked up from his canvas, "the problems of the masses is above our pay grade friend. We have dragons to chase." Tonk laughed, "Dragons? you wizards are all comedians." I looked at Dye to catch him winking at Tonk. Again, I am lost in the joke. Dye finished his map, it was beautiful and I was relieved that I didn't have to use it to find my course. Again, I would be lost. 

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