The days are getting longer. That or the moons are getting lazy with their rise. I often think about their long beautiful legs kicking off the sheets. Tossing and turning, hiding from the clock. The ladies do make an entrance though; they can be as late as they want, they are worth the wait. My embarrassing crush was interrupted by childish bickering. Dye and Maker had been at it for hours now. If anyone walked up to them, they would undoubtedly think a swordfight could break out at any moment. However, to the rest of us, they are playing and being annoying. 

Dye pulled out a large canvas. The image was crisp, clean, and remarkably confusing. Dye announced, "This, this is the Sunchaser!"  The painting reminded me of a blueprint. Odd symbols and information balance the sizeable black wedge shape. This shape is the body of the craft, its a land-sail. If I understand this correctly, the Sunchaser releases its sails and using a technology designed by our wizard will make traveling more efficient. It could also make traveling dangerous and could end our adventure rather suddenly. The thought of it breaking apart and dragging us across these sands would be worth it though. Although, Maker reminded us that structures tearing apart is just hidden knowledge. 

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