The Mighty Fin and Her Black Eye

The hellish day was interrupted by something angelic. Something so pleasant sneaks past our collective alert, clever. I stood with conviction but let the sound wash over me for a few seconds longer. This intruder was spellcasting or something else with magical intentions. I peaked around the corner fully committed to give up and let this creature ravish me. I followed the sharp landscape until my eyes rested on something soft, something soft and beautiful. A young woman was singing to the horizon and playing a small stringed instrument. I whispered to Dye, "I believe I found a muse." Dye jolted up childishly and ran up to where I was standing. His eyes found her quickly and thanked me. 

We walked up to her deliberately letting her hear us. She gestured with her body letting us know she was aware of us but she didn't stop singing. The power of her voice made our bodies tingle the closer we got to her. The sands around her vibrated and danced off the sharp rocks. An excellent and beautiful sacrifice. We stood just below her and waited until she finished. She turned around and said, "Hello." I quickly noticed she had a black eye. I hoped it was from her adventurous spirit and not from violence. She noticed me looking and winked at me, "I won the jousting tournament yesterday." Dye whispered, "It's the champion, Fin." We bowed. She was pure gold. The mighty Fin and her black eye

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