Two Sigils

Madam Nestings woke me the morning we departed the great city of Bellyonna. She moved with careful precision pulling my covers back. I would have been alarmed if it was anyone else but with her, it seduction was welcomed. I couldn't break eye contact with her. I wasn't sure if I was trying to, but the idea of looking at anything seemed silly and pointless. She whispered something in her language. A language that resonated with magick and a cadence that was demanding. The room began to haze, and the hard edges of the room rounded and turned red. I gasped for air that should have been there but it wasn't and the intense moment released me. 

She smiled, "Being in the pudding isn't for everyone dear, but you're learning. I want you boys to take this." She held up a magical piece of art. It was red with two sigils in black and white. It was ominous and had a presence about it that was familiar to the Madam. She explained, "One sigil sucks negative energy while the other blows positive energy. It brings balance, and I think it should leave this realm and venture into the chaotic world our dear Wizard is from, what do you think?" I shook my head and agreed with her, speaking at that moment would have somehow tainted all the beauty she had created. I smiled and let her radiance and power destroy me. 

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