The Queen's Stroll

The city of Bellyonna is positioned around a tower that seems to come up from the floor through to the ceiling. The main walkway goes through the tower and into the subdivisions of caves. The townsfolk have made homes throughout the broken boulders and sharp peaks that poke through the floor. It's almost geometrical and amazingly modern for a group of people that refer to their lifestyle as cave dwelling. During this festival, the queen walks down the main walkway in her best dress escorted by her royal guards. The dramatic theater of the walk captured with Dye's graphite also provides scale for the piece. It seems the architects that designed this city had secrets they kept from the rest of us. 

The painting provided an excellent peek into the culture and architecture of Bellyonna. Dye's use of the sketch like technique keeps the piece light and manageable to explore without the use of a torch or lamp. The only drawback to this location is its lack of any real natural light. The piece's foundation in sketch provides sharper lines than what we were all seeing. The small trees growing near the entrance of the tower was madams doing, nothing could grow here without magick. The festival this year was even more special now that the word of the sorcerer's exit had finally made the rounds. The people cheered for the unexplained disappearance as if they had slain the evil themselves and that was okay with us. We had grown tired of people's need to applaud decency. 

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