The Forgiveness

We made our way into the tower's belly. The dark damp dungeon seemed to pull us further into its sadness. Wizard lead the way using his staff's light to guide us. He seemed very excited to show the light trick off to us. He mumbled, "We have to find its heart stone, its true foundation if we want this to work." I am told the heart stone is the soul of a structure and performing a blessing on this stone will eventually make its way throughout the tower and remove any negative energy. The stone was waiting for us when we turned the last corner. Wizard started his chant while the others made a circle and began their responsibilities. Dye leaned in and whispered, "Be calm, keep your eyes closed, and keep your heart open." I smiled and assured him keeping my eyes closed was my plan all along. 

Wizard began creating a sigil for the stone. It was a circle with shapes mimicking his handwriting. I sat down and tried to remain observant but the room felt thick with everyone's intentions, and it was hard to focus. I was in a swirl of energy. I kept my eyes closed and listened to everyone's voices morph into something I've never heard. This moment was our magic, and it was powerful. I became unconscious shortly after the ceremony began. I was the freshman, and it showed. My eyes burned as I opened them. Dye's recreation of the sigil Wizard drew on the heart stone was leaning against the wall. The piece was a symbol of hope and pardon. Hummer had even recorded the event. I will wait sometime before I try to listen to that moment of forgiveness. I know my limits. 

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