All Hail Medusa!

I remember Dye telling me about his first crush, Medusa. The idea of an awkward kid falling for such a creature is amazingly hopeless. The notion that he wouldn't turn to stone because she would be able to see his love for her is that child's truth, that naiveness. I'm not confident that he has changed his mind. Over forty years of failure, heartbreak, and experiencing life's tragic disregard he is still hoping that a creature will be able to see his truth. She is the monster and his hero. We are all monsters.

reflections in the polished 

pillars of stone embrace the stricken 

clammy hands and a dry mouth 

movements without the gate 

a woman cursed 

life's bitter symphonic gesture 

a coldness only found in stone

willing to fail is the champion 

giving into the myth 

becoming a legend 

"All Hail Medusa!" 

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