Attention Readers and Fellow Adventurers

 I would like to thank you for reading this first chapter of paintings. Each painting in this series created a short narrative that linked them all together. This story has now become too immense to section it off between pieces. I will write something of an abstract novel. Some of the stories will be in a standard first-person format, free verse, screenplay, and something resembling poetry. 

I feel my art is changing along with my music and video so why shouldn't my writing? If there is a need for a printed or electronic book, I will write that and make it available. However, I will keep writing the story and only pull sections that are describing the piece of art in which I am selling or showing. The descriptions will be their own creation, something of a puzzle. The world of Circaeus is abstract but you can handle it, I promise. 

The blog will be for updating and giving you an idea of where the story will go next. I am working with several artists collaborating on projects for Circaeus. We are even talking about recording an album and making short films. It's all exhilarating and I can't wait to show you all. Thank you again for your interest in my work. Have a beautiful night and keep it magical, darlings. 

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