Something of an Overture

Dye threw a large stick on the fire; we knew it would be a long night. Wizard rolled his dice, 14.  He said fourteen was a good number, " It's about balance and harmony. Fourteen pieces from Circaeus. I believe we have something of an overture here.  All the different forms, media, styles, genres are present. However, there could always be something new, something that could surprise our readers. A new climactic piece of art! Wouldnt that be excellent? We will call this the preface. I am not sure, but from here on it gets a little more dramatic!" 

Maker clapped and giggled. Everyone listened with warm expressions on their faces. They looked like children hearing their favorite story of warriors and wizards and their epic tales. I was thinking about Wizard making a farmhouse take flight. That wasn't something I could just take in, that's a giant purple pill. The purple pill analogy might be confusing. I don't think I've written about that one. The first thing I can remember about Circaeus was Wizard holding a blue pill and a red pill in each hand. He asked me which one I wanted. I thought the whole thing was tiresome and overdone. As I was about to give him my answer he swallowed both of them saying, "the answer is the purple pill, its magic." I haven't thought about that purple pill until now. 

He didn't even look back at the farmhouse flight. It reminded me of a typical action movie explosion, and the hero doesn't look back. He is too cool. This wizard is about as far as you can be from cool. He didn't look back, and that bothered me. Although, in that example, I would be the over the top narrator. Which now, that makes it that much more believable. The fact this agitated me told me I wasn't entirely committed. There was something I was still trying to hang on to, my ego. That would probably get me killed here, and that might outdo the farmhouse flight. 

I need to stretch my words. I need to try to capture the actual events and not my feeble attempt at documenting. Maybe I should write a longer piece and let Wizard use it on his electric scroll, or whatever he uses to show our documents and artifacts. I could write little diary entries for updates if needed. My lack of commitment is altering my experience. I guess I need guidance from this wizard. I will ask him once there is a sufficient pause in his story. It will take awhile; the smoke is thick. 

It feels nice to be back in the green.

--Ready for translation 

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