Flight of the Farmhouse

The next morning Wizard wanted to talk to the occupants of the farm the strange craft was circling. He asked if I wanted to go, but the thought of being in the open was too much for me. I hadn't even had breakfast yet. The green was undoubtedly protecting us throughout the night. I noticed all types of creatures with their backs to us keeping watch. Trees were bending branches to cover us. The Green Goddess didn't sleep much last night making sure we did. I watched Wizard take a deep breath before stepping into the clearing. 

Wizard told us he was going to move the farm. That relocation would be the only way to ensure their safety. I stood there consciously shaking my head agreeing with what he was saying but now having the time to process all that was said; I now have questions. I turned towards Dye and asked, "how is he going to relocate a farm?" Dye looked at the farm as if sizing up the feat. He then quickly took out a canvas. Hummer noticed him and returned to his console of buttons and knobs. Maker added, "I'm going to watch."

After a few hours Wizard exited the farmhouse. He stopped and waved a couple of times and started his walk back towards us. I wondered if Wizard had merely asked them to leave. That would be the most practical. I noticed a small dust cloud begin to circle Wizard. I stood up which got everyone's attention. We all watched the dust form complex rings around Wizard. The farmhouse gently detached itself from the green. It all happened in seconds. Dye mumbled, "slow down, slow down." My mouth was open, taking it all in. I was witnessing a farmhouse take flight. 

The bottom of the farm was more impressive than the top. Three large pyramid shapes, glossy red, and heavily textured. The red contrasted with the blue sky nicely, I could see why Dye thought it needed documenting. It was beautiful. The low hum overtook the birds chirping, and the sharp lines of the craft blurred the mountains behind it. The force needed to lift the farm was unquestionably distorting our vision of the background. Wizard didn't even turn around. He knew Dye would capture it, and that he did. 

--Ready for translation 

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