Crab Farming

We were not able to get anything resembling information from Wizard. This thing attacked him, and he destroyed it somehow. That's all we got out of an exhausting four-hour interrogation. Hummer thought something might still be in the area, so he set up a field recording station. I think it was his way of making us shut up. I was thankful; I didn't know if I could manage anymore abstract coming from Wizard. 

We settled into our camp. The warmth of Wizard's battle made everything cozy if you could get past the smell of the mechanical smores. Hummer had us surrounded by listening devices. We kept quiet and enjoyed the crackling of the fire. I am sure the fire's symphony of cracks and pops bothered Hummer, but he didn't seem to mind. 

Just as the moon peaked over the trees behind us, Hummer slowly raised his hand. We all noticed, and I sat up waiting for instructions. He was moving his devices towards a clearing. He then stood up and pointed. It was dramatic, slow, and purposeful. We all slithered up to the bushes just before the clearance, maintaining the last bit of cover the green provided us. We noticed a farmhouse off in the distance. I thought Hummer might have picked up on some of its occupants but quickly realized that it was something else. 

It didn't appear from blackness; the night wasn't entirely upon us. This creature emerged from a thick blue backdrop. It looked like a giant mechanical crab. The sounds of its engines now heard without the need for Hummer's devices. Pulsing, low hums, and clicking crept across the open field. Dye started sketching while laying on his stomach hiding behind some shrubbery. Wizard whispered, "this needs documenting." This encounter felt new, even to Wizard. The blue building and now this? I can't panic now. I have to remain calm. This whole thing felt real. This crab is looking for us, and just as I was getting used to walking among the ghosts. 

--Ready for translation 

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