Bleeding Machines

We made it back to the overlook. We found Wizard standing in a series of circles. The entire area was burned and smoldering. It smelled familiar, like a mechanical fire. The air still buzzed with energy; this just happened. The ground was hot, almost too warm to walk on. As I approached Wizard, my shoes began to sink into the charred coals. "Wizard, what happened? Why is everything burning?", I asked. He turned around and quickly pushed me back, back where the ground wasn't lava. 

We stood there waiting for an explanation. Dye noticed a piece of metal in the center of the circle. It was half buried and looked as if it was bleeding. Dye walked over and poked it with a stick. "Do machines bleed here?" He asked. Wizard responded," Metal doesn't mean it was a machine." I try hard not to take information like that and rationalize any of it. I just let that sentence pass and hoped the next one makes more sense. Dye pulled the piece of metal out and brought it to where we could inspect it without the risk of bursting into flames. 

It was grey, blue, and black from the fire. Or maybe that was its original color. It was hard to tell. In fact, it didn't look like metal. The material resembled something like skin, maybe from an insect? It also had carvings, perhaps some form of writing, they seemed sacred. I had never seen anything like this. The liquid did resemble blood, but it didn't clot the same. This article looked more like an ancient map or text than something alive. 

Dye took the material and stretched it over one of his canvas frames. Once he had it framed, I understood the attention. I was artistic, it was balanced, and it was perfect for the collection. Our documentation of Circaeus was yielding some fascinating pieces. Now, we have to get  Wizard to explain his involvement in all of this. Starting with if he is the one who destroyed it. 

--Ready for Translation 

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