Architectural Submission



TITLE // Architectural SubmissionARTIST // Jeffrey Bowman
SIZE // 36" x 48" x 1.5"
MEDIUM // mixed media on canvas

If you purchase this piece, we'll create a character for you in Circaeus. Additional details upon request.

This piece is signed and dated on the back. It is fitted with mounting wire and ready to hang in your home.

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We had worked all through the night. The lights from the city were losing the fight with the two suns. The gruesome red light from the second window slowly faded away and replaced by shadows from Dye's easel. Dye was sitting with his back against the wall looking at his submission. I looked tall, dignified, and beautiful. However, it didn't resemble anything close to a building much less architectural. I looked at him showing some concern. My concern was that of a translator. I would have to explain this abstraction. He noticed my anxiety and winked at me.

I walked up to the piece. It was white but had warm. Some shapes resembled the pattern of the moons. No doubt a wink to the green one. The overall way of the piece was calming. The lines mentioned dignity, enlightenment, consciousness molding, and I began to understand its blueprint. I looked back at Dye, "I will tell them this is a blueprint for the expansion of consciousness, the greeting card to the gods, a map for unlocking mankind's potential." Dye smiled, "You can also just say, here you go." We both laughed.

Hummer gave me a small stick. I toyed around with it pretending I knew what it was he had given me. Hummer grumbled, "Don't eat it. Just give it to them with Dye's submission. It's a soundscape I created that goes with his piece, its how the city should sound." I put it in my shirt pocket. I ensured him I wouldn't eat it.

--Ready for translation


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