The Primer



TITLE // The Primer
ARTIST // Jeffrey Bowman
SIZE // 48" x 68" x 1.5"
MEDIUM // oil and graphite on gallery wrapped canvas

This piece is signed and dated on the back. It is fitted with mounting wire and ready to hang in your home.

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We would often spend our nights gazing at the sea of stars. The waves of movement are usually calm and rhythmic. However, at times it can be violent. We usually keep our heads down on those nights. Only the heroic dare to brave that gaze. The sky moves like fabric, a translucent fabric that lets the stars shine through. On these violent nights, that fabric distorts and blurs the light coming through adding to the discomfort. There seems to be no pattern or reason. Only a fool would use this chaos as navigation. I often wonder if our wizard is that fool.

Dye stood up and pointed. A bright light appeared just above the horizon. I noticed it but didn’t have the confidence to point it out. I will admit, I felt proud to have caught something the other three had missed.

Wizard took his staff and pointed it out to the others. “They are still chasing that elusive dragon,” he muttered. We watched it streak across the night’s sky. Unaffected by the waves, it seemed to cut through them. Probably a submariner judging by its altitude, a truly remarkable ship. He told us it sailed high above the fabric of sky. Its surface was the primer.

My tether had reached its limits. The way Wizard talked about the primer reminded me of space. However, it was white and not black like I had been told too many times. The primer was nothing, the unimagined. I thought of it as an empty page. Or one of dye’s primed canvases, clean of any pigment.

Wizard explained that years ago a group of builders started building the framework of something magnificent. However, they lost their blueprint. Now, they build aimlessly trying to remember their purpose.

Dye mumbled,“They lost their line.”

“So, why don’t they make a new blueprint?” I asked. Wizard replied, “They don’t have a designer. They build because they are afraid. Afraid of what will happen if they stop, afraid of losing their purpose. If you lose your purpose around here, you vanish. Everyone needs a line to follow.”

“What if that’s their purpose?” Dye added

Wizard turned his head towards Dye, “Go on.”

Dye continued, “Their loss will be our launching point. To eventually navigate and chart the primer. Failure is still further than the non-attempted.”

Wizard giggled, “I like that. We will be captains of the primer!”
Everyone giggled but me. I was too scared. Too confused. The primer frightened me, the great unimagined? No, thank you. I smiled and tried to fit in; it looked awkward.

Dye brought out a large canvas. We watched him paint a blue sphere with one large ring. The sphere was Tandium. The last known sphere of Circaeus. The thick black lines warped and looked pointless. They framed a small square of white, the unknown, the unimagined. That must have been his focus for the piece. Maybe that was the purpose of the builders, to frame the unimagine? I then got lost in thought, began projecting my own conclusions. Maybe they are sketching? I’ve witnessed Dye sketch randomness until something magically appears. I went back to my internal dialogue. Maybe they aren't builders at all; maybe they are sketching and charting the unexplored? I lost my fear and felt something along the lines of confidence.

Dye noticed me digging into the piece and mumbling to myself. He was smiling. He knew I began exploring the primer. I will scribe this before this confidence drowns in the dark waters we are undoubtedly heading towards.

-- Ready for translation


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