The Crystal Schematic



TITLE // The Crystal Schematic
ARTIST // Jeffrey Bowman
SIZE // 36" x 48" x 1.5"
MEDIUM // oil and graphite on gallery wrapped canvas

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We left the inn that morning, leaving Maker’s sculpture resting confidently on the long-legged table. Dye was walking with Wizard going over something resembling a schematic. The idea of harnessing power from crystals sounded fascinating. I imagined a sky filled with machines swarming like gnats around its host. The sound of all of those engines must be deafening.

Wizard looked at me and explained that all of the technology resonated with the same pitch. The tone created by their machines was the gift to its sphere. The tone kept the sphere in harmony. For a second I questioned if I was talking out loud, how did Wizard know what I was thinking? Could have been a coincidence. I will allow myself to believe that. I need to keep myself neutral here; there are enough wizards in this cult.

So, this place was yet another planet? I began keeping notes about all of these places. I would interrupt Wizard continually asking him to elaborate on its location relative to our current one. The problem that would often occur was the fact I was never sure where I was to begin with. Wizard watched me scribe down a few notes and seemed interested.

We stopped for the day, and Wizard came over to sit with me. I sat attentively, leaving my sack on and ready for dictation. He sat down and put his hand on the papers that slowly started to creep outside the binder. Wizard suggested I work with Dye and create a map of this adventure. Dye was pulling out a canvas and looked at me and winked.

I shook my head and accepted the task. Wizard walked up to Dye and handed him the schematic from earlier. I unpacked my sack, and while doing so, the others slipped past me and vanished.

Dye was the only one there; he was working on a piece. He would often look at the schematic using it as a reference. It was faded and weathered, not the best source for detail. As he worked, I noticed that the lack of detail was all Dye needed. That absence of it became his detail. He painted every scratch and smudge as if they were vital to the piece. He lumped up material where the schematic had water damaged. He worked for hours meticulously recreating the limp, dead piece of paper in his hands into a piece of art. He would practice the handwritten words on the schematic until he was confident recreating it on the canvas. He was more of a forger, a documentarian at this point. He finished and slowly started walking backward. I quickly gathered my things so they wouldn’t be trampled. He continued to walk backward until we were shoulder to shoulder. He looked at me. I thought for a second it was for approval, but that doesn't fit him. He seems to care more about the process than the approval of others.

Dye looked down at my papers. I had been trying to piece things together in preparation for the task of creating a map. He walked around in circles looking down at everything. I wondered if I held them up and allowed him to walk backward would be helpful.

Right at the peak of my nervousness he stopped and looked at me. He said, “This is going to be almost impossible.”

I looked at him and smiled. I was relieved and in total agreeance with him. I was about to go into all the problems I had already thought of, a detailed list of complaints. I was excited to tell him, show him how observant I was. Maybe even give a reason why I was picked by the wizard.

It was at the moment he said, “I can’t wait to start, bring your sword!”

-- Ready for translation.


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