TITLE // Appalla
ARTIST // Jeffrey Bowman
SIZE // 48" x 36" x 1.5"
MEDIUM // oil and graphite on gallery wrapped canvas

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Wizard led us to the base of a mountain range. We walked through the night. The mountains seemed to sneak up on me. I quickly noticed that the landscape seemed to be gently holding three large golden spikes. The color and texture were welcoming. We had been walking for a few days across a field of green. Nothing but green.

There wasn’t anything to see so I focused on what I was feeling as requested by our wizard. There was a deep calm, almost a hum. I looked at Hummer to see if he was responsible for the pleasantries but he was nowhere to be seen. That's not uncommon. He often wanders off. I sometimes wonder if he has figured out a way to sleep during the day to make up for his nightly adventures. The ground seemed to resonate. It was hard for me to focus on what was happening. I seemed to be constantly slipping into a deep meditation. I tried to fight it, however weak the attempt might have been.

Wizard slowed his pace and finally stopped. He sat down on a nearby rock and turned to address us. His eyes were wide and seemed to be excited about what he was about to say. This was the start of the adventure, I could feel it. Wizard stuttered and sometimes his stories took longer than they should. Not because of the stuttering, but because of the great detail he seemed to think would interest us.

Wizard began telling us about the scene that was perfectly framed for us. The three golden spikes were actually temples. These temples were hollow and every morning the monks would enter them for their daily meditation. The power of their meditation would make each of the temples resonate. The sound of each temple would slowly harmonize with the hum I had heard while walking through the green fields. Apparently, this area had its own tone. The sound heard from the temples harmonizing with the area's tone would wash over the city of Appalla every morning. The city was below and appeared off to the left of the temples. Wizard explained that the sound would provide the city with hope and inspiration with the sunsrises.

Wizard began telling us about the architecture, but I was instantly lost and confused--too abstract. I felt foolish and for some reason, I unconsciously raised my hand to ask a question. I felt like a child again, lost during my mandatory religious studies. Wizard smiled at me and mimicked writing. I took the gesture to mean, I should write what I feel.

Wizard looked toward the skies and with his staff took some kind of measurement. The suns were almost in line, it was morning. I don't think anyone of us noticed. I began to understand his excitement. The monks were about to start their morning meditation.

Hummer grabbed his large black bag and quickly set up some kind of technological sculpture that seemed to take up more room than it should. He put on a strange half helmet and looked up at us giving the shhh gesture.
Dye ran off with his things. He usually doesn’t stick around long after story time with our wizard. Inspiration seems to get the best of him. I don’t think any of us would stand a chance against his muse.

Maker sat down and looked as if he was going to join the monks in their meditation. I sat down beside him, sharing his blanket. The usual awkwardness seemed to vanish from the group. There seemed to be a real brotherhood that blossomed, inspiration finally stretched her wings.

I looked at Hummer before closing my eyes to join Maker. Hummer looked at me and giggled. I closed my eyes and heard everything. It was wonderful and that morning was just what my sleep needed.

When I awoke, Dye was walking backward looking at his painting. I've never seen someone need to walk so far back from their work. Reminded me of an archer for some reason. Holding his long brushes and stick like he was taking aim. The painting was a very good representation of what I was seeing but I'm getting better not to trust that sort of thing.

Hummer was busy fighting with his wires. Maker and Wizard both were gone. I thought they might have traveled to the city for supplies. I was jealous, the city would be a welcomed experience. I didn’t sulk long. I took the opportunity to scribe.

--Ready for translation.


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